ICMA at St. Louis Symposium

Join the ICMA's session this Monday at the 5th Annual St. Louis Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Beyond the Ornament: Abstraction in Medieval Art
Monday 19 June 2017
2:15 - 3:45pm
Cook Hall, Room 240

Organizer and Chair: Elina Gertsman, Case Western Reserve University

Seeing the Emptiness of a Field: The Challenge of Abstraction and Seriality in Byzantine Icons
Roland Betancourt, University of California, Irvine / Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Material Abstractions: Engaging Matter and Medium in Early Medieval Manuscript Illumination
Joshua O'Driscoll, The Morgan Library and Museum

Romanesque Abstraction and the “Unconditionally Two-Dimensional Surface”
Megan McNamee, CASVA, The National Gallery of Art

Response: Withdrawal and Presence
Elina Gertsman, Case Western Reserve University