Caveats and Contact

The text Barbara Abou-El-Haj was incomplete, un-proofed, and in places a series of notes. We have done our best in this project to offer up the most refined parts of her work and fill in gaps. So the text on this site is a hybrid – of words written by Barbara Abou-El-Haj, and those composed by members of the collaboratory team, aiming to capture the spirit and approach of the original author. When appropriate, we flag Abou-El-Haj’s propositions and insights where she deliberately positioned herself in opposition to mainstream scholarship.

There will certainly be errors – perhaps of fact, likely in citations. We will be happy to correct issues as they arise. So please do not hesitate to get in touch if you find things to refine. In a similar spirit, scholars immersed in this material might be interested in probing further into Abou-El-Haj’s typescript. Of particular interest might be her transcriptions of long passages from primary sources, in Latin and with English translations. Those transcriptions are not included here, but might be helpful to some colleagues.

For queries and corrections, please contact Nina Rowe (