The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons,ca. 1452–1460. Jean Fouquet (French, Tours ca. 1425–ca. 1478 Tours). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Robert Lehman Collection, 1975. 1975.1.2490.

The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons,ca. 1452–1460. Jean Fouquet (French, Tours ca. 1425–ca. 1478 Tours). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Robert Lehman Collection, 1975. 1975.1.2490.

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In April 2019, our community and the world at large were reminded of the vulnerability of medieval monuments and their symbolic power as icons of national pride. The ICMA’s work is to protect and understand these treasures and to engage diverse audiences so that they might participate in a global understanding of the past. By making your contribution to the ICMA, you are securing the future study of our shared medieval heritage.

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Support Notre-Dame de Paris by giving to Friends of Notre-Dame
Andrew Tallon, whose work will be vital in the reconstruction of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, helped form Friends of Notre-Dame. You can honor his work and help the cathedral by clicking here to donate. To learn more about the organization, click here.

The Medieval Academy of America has issued a call for expert documentation/information regarding the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris or Gothic art and architecture in general, especially detailing any special resources that can aid in the restoration work (photographs, data, measurements, etc.). If you wish to contribute to this effort, please email Lisa Fagin Davis at the MAA (, describing your expertise/materials. She will add your name to a list that will be forwarded to the relevant French authorities.


Society of Architectural Historians
72nd Annual International Conference
April 24-28, 2019 | Providence, Rhode Island

"After the Smoke Clears: Rebuilding, Restoring, and Reinterpreting Historical Houses of Worship in the Wake of the Notre-Dame Fire"
Roundtable discussion by Meg Bernstein, Katherine Boivin, Lindsay Cook, and Kristine Tanton

Pop-up conversation about Notre-Dame of Paris
Vassar College, Monday, April 22, 2019

Lindsay Cook (Art History), Marc Epstein (Religion), and Molly Nesbit (Art). 


THE International Center of Medieval Art responds to the fire at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

On 15 April 2019, a fire swept through the rooftop of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. This page provides our response and call-to-action

The International Center of Medieval Art is dedicated to the study, understanding, and preservation of art and architecture produced primarily between ca. 300 CE and ca. 1500 CE. The ICMA was founded in France, and just prior to moving to New York, was headquartered in Paris.

Read the ICMA’s response here.

Bibliothèque nationale de France’s hommage.

Help us Keep Track of the Conversation around Notre-Dame

We are glad that so many of our members are sharing expertise as news organizations cover the destruction and steps toward recovery at Notre-Dame de Paris. We would like to amass links to newspaper articles, radio and tv news stories, and blog posts in which our members are quoted or interviewed. We have created a library of these links to which we will add over the coming months.

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