ICMA Response: Notre-Dame de Paris

To the ICMA Community,
We are stunned and heartbroken over the news from Paris. We appreciate that so many of our members have engaged with the press, offering expertise on the history and construction of Notre-Dame and providing a much-needed scholarly perspective as journalists report on the tragedy.
Among the many crucial contributions our members have made to the scholarship on Notre-Dame de Paris, please remember Andrew Tallon’s work scanning the cathedral, research that will be important in the reconstruction of the monument. Please see the two obituaries by Dany Sandron and Stephen Murray in the most recent ICMA newsletter. These celebrations of Andrew are particularly poignant at this moment and remind us of the relevance of our scholarship to those outside the academy.
With warmest wishes at this difficult time,
Helen Evans, Nina Rowe, Warren Woodfin, Anne Stanton, and Beatrice Kitzinger, on behalf of the ICMA