Riemenschneider in Situ: Fundraising Tour at the Cloisters

March 5, 2017; 2:30 pm, an exclusive tour of the collections at The Cloisters with Michele Marincola, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of Conservation at NYU, to raise funds for the upcoming conference on the master Renaissance sculptor, Tilman Riemenschneider, taking place in Germany this June.

**Champagne toast to follow at New Leaf Café**

The international conference Riemenschneider in Situ will re-contextualize the works of one of the most famous late medieval and early Renaissance artists, Tilman Riemenschneider. We need your help to realize this endeavor: to bring together eminent scholars from the Middle East, Europe, and North America; to offer scholarships for a younger generation of students; to open the events to a broad public; and to publish the conference proceedings. 

We look forward to meeting you at the Cloisters. Should you have an interest in contributing to the conference without attending the tour, please see our donation portal at http://www.riemenschneider2017.com/sponsors/

We appreciate your help. And, by all means, invite others to join!

Katherine Boivin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Bard College
Gregory Bryda, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, Universität Hamburg