Call for papers - Juridical Circulations and Artistic, Intellectual and Cultural Practices in Medieval Europe (13th-15th Centuries) - Medieval Europe in Motion 3

The International Conference Medieval Europe in Motion 3 continues the series of scientific meetings launched in 2013 by the Institute of Medieval Studies (IMS) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University of Lisbon (FCSH/UNL) – devoted to the topic of social, cultural, and artistic mobility in Medieval Europe.


In keeping thematically with the previous conferences, the main objective of this new event is an analysis of the mobility and circulation of people, ideas and objects related to the study and practice of law during the thirteenth through the fifteenth centuries. Among topics addressed may be the intellectuals involved (scholars, notaries, jurists, ecclesiastics and others); the manuscripts and texts themselves; artistic models for the illumination of legal manuscripts; or the circulation of the law itself and ideas connected to its role and practice in the Medieval West. We would like to focus on studies of the southernmost territories of the West: the Iberian Peninsula, Southern France, and Italy.