ICMA MEMBERS: Nominations for Board of Directors, Associates, and other positions due 21 June 2019 !

Dear Fellow ICMA Members,

As chair of the Nominating Committee, I write to ask you to join in shaping the future of the International Center for Medieval Art by proposing candidates for election to its leadership positions.

We seek nominees (and self-nominees) for the following posts:
-7 seats on the Board of Directors (3-year term, 2020-23)
-5 seats on next year’s Nominating Committee (1-year term, 2020-21)
-4 seats as Associates (usually based outside of North America; 3-year term, 2020-23)

Duties of and qualifications for ICMA positions are outlined in the organization bylaws and can be downloaded at: https://www.medievalart.org/s/ICMA-Bylaws.pdf

Our goal is to foster the continued vitality of ICMA by including among its leaders colleagues at every career stage, with a broad range of research specialties, and from diverse professional and geographic origins.  In addition to traditional research strengths, we also seek nominees who query the “edges” of our discipline and the boundaries around research topics, who engage in the theorization of our methods and objects of study, and who might help us build a broad and inclusive membership in the future.

To achieve that diversity through a robust pool of candidates, we need your help.

Please share your ideas for proposed candidates with me via email by June 21 (laurah@email.arizona.edu).  And please take a moment to consider adding your own name to the list:  self-nominations are welcome.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Laura Hollengreen
Associate Director and Associate Professor of Practice
School of Architecture
University of Arizona