Dear colleagues near and far,

We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to announce this new publication venue - we would like to encourage anyone interested to submit a proposal (submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis). We would like to launch the series with a small number of first publications in the series and are looking for manuscripts. We would be particularly happy about publications that instigate new conversations, debates and perspectives, not only about medieval art and visual-material culture, but also in relation to the critical practices employed by medieval art historians.

Viewpoints books will be single- or multi-authored. Cumulatively, we hope books in the series will challenge and expand traditional conceptions of medieval geography or interchange among cultures, help to describe or develop significant theoretical perspectives, and/or demonstrate innovative forms of object- and monument-based research.

Books in the Viewpoints series will be short: ca. 45,000–75,000 words, illustrated by no more than 20–30 black-and-white images and will be written to engage specialists and students, alike. One desideratum for the series in its digital iteration will be to intelligently incorporate nonstatic content (e.g., dynamic maps, sound files, video files): we hope to explore and push the boundaries of scholarly publication in the digital editions of Viewpoints books and understand this aspect of our vision for the series to be central to its stated aims. All Viewpoints books will undergo both editorial and peer review.

Please feel free to share this announcement with everyone in the field - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Beate Fricke (University of Bern,
Aden Kumler (University of Chicago,

Proposals should include three to five pages outlining the intent of the project, its scope, and its relation to other work on this topic. Please also include one to two sample chapters if available, and your CV.

Questions or Submissions?
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