Resources for Medieval Art and Architecture Research

General Resources for Medieval Studies

The Labryrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies, Art (Georgetown)

Wess Web - Scholarly Resources for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Bibliographic Databases

Kubikat (art libraries in Florence, Rome, Munich, and Paris)

The Bibliography of the History of Art

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue

V & A National Art Library Catalogue

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

Frick Digital Art History Lab


Open Source Library Guides

Virtual Belgian Royal Library

Gateway Bayern (in German)

Online Catalogue of Archives and Manuscripts in French Research Libraries

Universität Heidelberg Research Guide to Art Historical Literature

Free publications on medieval topics from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Geospatial Databases

Mapping Gothic France

ALPAGE (AnaLyse diachronique de l'espace PArisien)

ORBIS Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World

Dura Europos - Excavating Antiquity


Manuscripts and Incunables

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

Manuscripta Mediaevalia

Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts

Medieval Manuscript Manual

Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

Watermarks on Incunables

Piccard Watermark Database

Virtual Library of Medieval Manuscripts (in French)

Monastic Manuscript Project

E-Codices Virtual Library of Manuscripts in Switzerland

Virtual library of French Manuscript Illumination (in French)

Virtual Library of Incunables

Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections

Digitization project of the Hungarian national library

UCLA Digitized Manuscripts

The Virtual Monastic Library of Lorsch

Heidelberg Bibliotheca Palatina

Virtual Kupferstichkabinett of the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel


Primary texts, glossaries, dictionaries, transcriptions, & Research guides

Medieval Sourcebook

Monumenta Germaniae Historica

Monasterium (monastic primary sources)

Medieval and Renaissance Guide with links to full text primary sources

Bodleian Guide to Medieval Sources

Digibericht – Digitized travel accounts of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Middle High German Dictionary

Victor Gay’s Glossaire Archéologique du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance

Ducange Glossary

Late Antique and Early Medieval Inscriptions

Capelli dictionary of Latin Inscriptions (in Italian)

Europeana Regia, a digital collaborative library of royal manuscripts

The Online Froissart

Full Text Databases

ALIM Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo (11.-14. cent.)


Corpus Corporum (Latin texts)

Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post Nicene Fathers series

Finding art and architecture

Images in Early Slavic Lands

The Gothic Ivories Project

Last Statues of Antiquity Database

Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel (in French)

Institut fuer mittelalterliche Realienkunde - mittelalterliche Bildsammlung (in German)

VADS online Resource for Visual Arts

Peintures murales des Regions Alpines (in French)

The Ghent Altarpiece

Index of Christian Art

Kirker og kirkegårde (Churches and Churchyards) from the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Visual Archive of Gothic Architecture and Sculpture in Ireland

Medieval Stained Glass Photographic Archive

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland

Prints and Drawings before 1620 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Lucas Cranach Digital Archive

Flemish Primitives Online Museum

Artworks in French Museums

Medieval Imaginations Database