ICMA Member Book: The Salerno Ivories. Objects, Histories, Contexts

The Salerno Ivories. Objects, Histories, Contexts
A book edited by: Francesca Dell’Acqua, Anthony Cutler, Herbert L. Kessler, Avinoam Shalem, and Gerhard Wolf
Berlin, Gebr. Mann Verlag, 2016

The so-called Salerno ivories comprise more than sixty carved plaques datable between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, combining Islamic, Byzantine, Coptic, and western Christian features. They present superb craftsmanship and display numerous biblical scenes as well as portraits of saints and magnificent decorative ornaments. In medieval times as today constituting one of the most precious and impressive treasures of the Cathedral of Salerno, they have attracted the attention of many historians and art historians, who have tried to contextualize the ivories in the medieval history of Salerno, southern Italy, and the Mediterranean. Yet they remain enigmatic, as do the many questions concerning their date, place of production, patronage, function, and possible audience.

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