Announcement regarding ICMA @ CAA

The CAA recently announced changes to its annual conference. The Call for Sessions for CAA 2017 will open 1 March 2016 and close 18 April 2016. The conference will be held in New York City 15-18 February 2017. Beginning with CAA 2017, all sessions will be 90 minutes in length, with the possibility of double sessions.

Last August, the ICMA selected one session to sponsor at CAA 2017 (following the CAA’s old system) and the chairs of that (and other sessions proposed for CAA) may submit their proposals to CAA as of 1 March.

For future CAA conferences, beginning 2018, the Call for Sessions will be announced around 1 February with a deadline of 30 March for receipt of proposals; Mid-June notifications will be sent to session chairs and speakers. The ICMA deadline for session proposals for CAA 2018, and ongoing, will therefore be sometime in February. We will keep you posted.

For more information on the CAA changes to its annual meeting, see