Invite a star to your campus!

The International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) seeks proposals for Stahl and Forsyth Lectures to be held under the sponsorship of the organization in 2016-2017. As a reminder, Stahl Lectures are to be held in what might be termed the greater southwest, while Forsyth lectures, as a rule, take place in the institutions located east of the Mississippi River, especially in what might be termed the greater Midwest.

Please suggest the name(s) of appropriate speakers and indicate your willingness to host the event at your institution. Joint proposals are welcome, as lecturers are expected to speak at more than one institution. The hosts assume the responsibility for organizing and advertising the event, ideally working in conjunction with colleagues at other institutions: for reserving a suitable venue; for organizing a reception if desired; for publishing the details in advance on the ICMA website and Newsletter; and for reporting on the event after it is over.  

Travel costs and the honorarium will be covered by the ICMA. Travel plans for the speaker will be handled by Ryan Frisinger, the ICMA Operations Manager.

Please direct all nominations and inquiries, accompanied by your CV and the CV of the proposed speaker, to the Chair of the Programs Committee: Janis Elliott, School of Art, Texas Tech University; email: The deadline for the nominations is March 25 for lectures to be planned for the late fall of 2016 or the spring of 2017.