The British Museum presents Seals and Status 800–1700

Jointly organised by the British Museum and Sigillvm, this three-day (December 4-6) international conference aims to foster a discussion about seals and status concentrating on three broad themes: seals and social status, seals and institutional status, and the status of seals as objects.

Keynote speakers will include Brigitte Bedos-Rezak, David Crouch, Sandy Heslop and Adrian Ailes. Themed sessions will include images and cultural history, politics, power and people, and ownership, authority and function. Speakers will include Simon Keynes, Nicholas Vincent, John Cherry, Martin Henig, Jessica Berenbeim, Ambre Vilain and Annabel Gallop.

This conference is generously supported by Dr John Rassweiler and organised collaboratively between the British Museum and Sigillvm with John Cherry and Jessica Berenbeim.

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