ICMA Newsletter

Published three times a year, the Newsletter includes:

  • notices of ICMA elections and other important votes of the membership;
  • notices of ICMA meetings;
  • conference and exhibition announcements;
  • some employment and fellowship listings; and
  • topical news items related to the discovery, conservation, research, teaching, publication, and exhibition of medieval art and architecture.

The movement of some material traditionally included in the newsletter to the ICMA website, such as the Census of Dissertations in Medieval Art, has provided the opportunity for new features in the Newsletter, such as reports on issues of broad concern to our membership (Special Reports), or bibliographic essays on works or resources that are little-known or seem to have gone under the radar of recent scholarship (Buried Treasures).

Requests from members have also prompted the recent addition of a Classified Advertisement section, where members can post advertisements about houses or apartments for rent, personal libraries for sale, or position listings, at a rate of $1 per word ($15 minimum). The text should be sent to the Newsletter editor; a check for the amount, with “Newsletter Ad” in the memo line, should be mailed to the ICMA, The Cloisters, Ft. Tryon Park, New York, NY 10040. Please make all checks out to International Center of Medieval Art.

Please consider submitting a piece corresponding to any of the categories above and/or any information you would like to see included in the Newsletter.


Deadlines for all Newsletter submissions are as follows:

15 February for the spring issue
15 June for the summer issue
15 October for the winter issue

Queries, suggestions, and contributions may be addressed to the editor, Heidi C. Gearhart at newsletter@medievalart.org

To Receive the ICMA Newsletter

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Past issues are available to the public by clicking here.